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Eric Nickulas Promoted to Senior Vice President of Glacial Energy of New England

(May 19th, Sandwich, Massachusetts) Eric Nickulas promoted to Senior Vice President of Glacial Energy of New England – Eric Nickulas was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Glacial Energy of New England. In this role, Eric will oversee all aspects of sales in the 5 states in New England where electricity has been deregulated. These states are Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Eric joined Glacial Energy in February, 2009 when he became a Business Development Manager in Massachusetts. In that role, Eric helped grow Glacial Energy’s business in the New England Market and was consistently a top sales performer in the region. Since January, Eric has worked as a Regional Director in California where he helped Glacial Energy enter the recently deregulated electricity market.

Prior to joining Glacial Energy, Eric was a professional hockey player whose career spanned 12 years and included stints with the Boston Bruins, the St. Louis Blues, and the Chicago Black Hawks. Eric attended University of New Hampshire and now lives in Barnstable, MA with his wife and 3 children.

Glacial Energy, directed by CEO Gary Mole, is one of the fastest growing national retail energy marketers in the United States, currently serving commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in 16 deregulated electric markets. Glacial Energy will be selling natural gas in deregulated gas markets in the near future. Visit for more information on saving money with Glacial Energy.

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