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CHBA enters into an energy supply agreement with Glacial Energy.

(January, 2010- Chestnut Hill, PA)

In January, The Chestnut Hill Business Association (CHBA) using its initiative Chestnut Hill Electric Alternative Program (CHEAP) changed its preferred electric supplier to Glacial Energy for all participating businesses. The CHBA is a membership organization for 125 retailers and restaurants in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania and currently has more than 200 professional members.

The CHBA switched suppliers when the electric market in Pennsylvania fully deregulated after the existing electric rate caps on energy companies expired on December 31. The deregulation of the electricity market resulted in Peco Energy, the current electricity provider, raising prices by 4.9% a year. The Glacial Energy advantage of month-to-month contracts and indexed based pricing seemed a far superior option to the CHBA President Greg Welsh.

The CHBA also qualified for the Glacial Cares Program allowing them to receive rebates from Glacial Energy based on their combined monthly kilowatt usage. CHBA predicts savings of $10,000 to $20, 000 a year with Glacial Energy and has encouraged the Chestnut Hill Community Association (CHCA) to also sign with Glacial Energy to enjoy the benefits the retail energy supplier has to offer.

Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing retail energy suppliers in the United States currently supplying electricity in 16 deregulated markets and 15 deregulated natural gas markets. For further information on Glacial Energy visit or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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