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Letter of Recommendation from a Happy Customer!

Good Morning Mr. _____,

I was given the task of lowering our utility cost almost two years ago and it has been an ongoing project as we have many facilities in different states. I did extensive research into several companies in each state. Glacial Energy was by far more competitive than the other companies; therefore we started making the move to direct access. The transition went flawlessly and I have been monitoring our monthly billings along with our facility managers. We have found the following since starting with Glacial:

1. The savings have been right in line with our original analysis. I have one facility in California that is reporting a higher savings than their analysis quoted.
2. Our accounting department is very pleased with the electronic billing and transfer for payment as opposed to cutting checks for due dates off of regular check runs.
3. With our facilities on different meter read dates and our need to have bills issued by a given date for forecasting I will give Glacial an A+ on issuing a combined bill (our requirement) for each state.
4. In the time that we have been with Glacial Energy the customer service has been excellent. I have been told by our facilities and accounts payable department that whenever they contact Glacial that they receive the help they require.

As I said above, this is an ongoing project for me. I am in the process of working with Glacial on moving more of our Texas facilities to their services. We would eventually like to have all of our facilities under direct access with Glacial.

I cannot think of anything more that I would have asked. Our representative was and has been very informative about the company and the industry in general. For us, all in all we are very pleased with the savings and customer service that we have received.

Should you have any further questions that I may not have answered, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number listed below.


(National Nursery) – From TX to CA




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