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A Note to Our Valued Customers and Business Partners

Recently, Glacial Energy has become the target of a frivolous lawsuit and allegations which have resulted in inflammatory news articles.

We believe the claims being made are not only absolutely untrue, but were made solely in an effort to damage our Company’s reputation and promote public scandal. This lawsuit was brought by an individual who has never had any business dealings of any kind with Glacial Energy and has a history of litigation against other companies. The claims should be viewed as irresponsible and frivolous.

We are responding with an aggressive defense which we believe is appropriate given the untrue and irresponsible claims made by the plaintiff. Glacial Energy is in the process of moving to dismiss the lawsuit and we fully expect to prevail.

Please be assured that these legal proceedings will in no way impact our day to day operations or the service you have come to expect from Glacial Energy. As always, our goal is to provide value to all customers big or small with the best combination of price and service in the industry.

We appreciate our relationship with you and recognize that the support of our customers and business partners is critical to our success.

If you have further questions we invite you to reach out to your normal day to day contact. You can also reach the Company by email at



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