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UPDATED: Glacial Energy’s Official Response to the PUCT

Below is our official statement concerning the PUCT recommendation issued on January 9th, 2012:

“On January 6, 2012, the staff of the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (“PUCTâ€�) issued a Notice of Violation and on January 9, 2012 issued a Petition Seeking Revocation to Glacial Energy. This Notice and Petition will be vigorously contested by Glacial Energy of Texas at the PUCT and in the courts.

  • First, the Notice clearly infringes upon the constitutional rights of Glacial Energy of Texas by attempting to force a divestiture of ownership or revocation through the retroactive application of a new 2010 administrative rule.
  • Second, the record will establish that Glacial Energy of Texas did not provide any false or misleading information to the PUCT in its original application in 2005.
  • Third, any sales taxes mistakenly billed to residential customers were not kept by Glacial Energy, were remitted to the State, and finally, were refunded to customers.

Glacial Energy of Texas has a low rate of customer complaints, and the PUCT has found in its favor on every one.  Customers can be assured that their Glacial Energy of Texas service will continue without interruption until this matter is resolved. Please note that this is a Texas matter and no other Glacial Energy Affiliate is affected.”

UPDATE: Glacial Energy of Texas has been proudly and capably serving the needs of its customers in Texas for 6 years within the rules of the Texas electric market as overseen by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (“PUCTâ€�). Unfortunately, we have been forced to file a lawsuit to clarify our ability to continue those customer relationships.  We must protect our customers and our company’s reputation in Texas against a PUCT rule and enforcement action that we believe to be unconstitutional. We expect the outcome of this litigation to be a ruling that allows our management and employees to fully engage in the competitive Texas retail market and continue to grow the company.

To see the filing document please click the link to download:



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