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Glacial Energy’s Green Energy Program Gives Renewed Strength and Green Power Sources to Your Business

Glacial Green, the green energy program from Glacial Energy, is an important way to help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. In the short term, it can help you meet customer demand for greener processes.  In the long term, the Glacial Green energy program helps support renewable energy (or green power) sources, allowing them to [...]

Is Glacial Energy a Multi-level Marketing Company?

The answer is no. Glacial Energy sells numerous electric and natural gas products to commercial, industrial and institutional entities in markets throughout the United States.  The core customers of our operations are other businesses.  In general, multi-level marketing companies sell only to residential customers; many of these companies do not allow their sales associates to [...]

Glacial Energy Hires New Chief Operating Officer, Paul Konikowski

Here is our press release on our new Chief Operating Officer, Paul Konikowski: “January, 2012 Paul Konikowski was appointed Chief Operating Officer for Glacial Energy– Glacial Energy is pleased to announce that Paul Konikowski was recently appointed the company’s Chief Operating Officer. In this role, Paul will oversee the operation, planning and system integration for [...]