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Is Glacial Energy a Multi-level Marketing Company?

The answer is no. Glacial Energy sells numerous electric and natural gas products to commercial, industrial and institutional entities in markets throughout the United States.  The core customers of our operations are other businesses.  In general, multi-level marketing companies sell only to residential customers; many of these companies do not allow their sales associates to sell to businesses.

Our sales representatives are employees, brokers or agents of Glacial Energy who do not have to pay to join the company and recruit other sales associates to create multiple levels of sales personnel and commissions.  While it is true that some agents work under employees and brokers, there is only one level of compensation/commissions and not multiple levels as found in MLM companies.  Our strong sales organization is committed to serving customers ethically and responsibly.

Glacial Energy is legally licensed to sell natural gas in 20 states and electricity in 15 states, as well as the District of Columbia.  There are no illegal “pyramid schemes� here…just a comprehensive suite of both fixed and variable rate electricity and natural gas products.  Our customers receive a green energy product, as well as opportunities to give back to their respective local communities through the Glacial Cares program.

Backed by a solid customer base and sales organization focused on being the best energy company in the country, Glacial Energy will continue to operate with efficiency and integrity.




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