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Glacial Energy’s Green Energy Program Gives Renewed Strength and Green Power Sources to Your Business

Glacial Green, the green energy program from Glacial Energy, is an important way to help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

In the short term, it can help you meet customer demand for greener processes.  In the long term, the Glacial Green energy program helps support renewable energy (or green power) sources, allowing them to expand and meet future needs.  Wind, steam, hydroelectric, tidal and other green sustainable power sources can increase energy security and decrease volatility in natural gas markets.

The way the Glacial Green program works is very simple.  Glacial Energy buys renewable energy certificates (RECs), which represent the environmental attributes of one MHz (megawatt hour) of electricity generated from renewable resources.  For every REC that Glacial Energy purchases on your business’ behalf, you will receive 1 LEED credit point.  RECs provide direct financial support to renewable energy, and buildings seeking to meet LEED benchmark standards can receive various ascending levels of recognition (Certified, Gold, Silver, and Platinum).  Green-e certified RECs can be used to gain credits under LEED.

While Glacial Green is right for many businesses, those with a lot of foot traffic especially benefit by displaying the Glacial Green certificate for their customers to see.  This may attract additional customers who will note your obvious commitment to renewable resources and the environment.

Taking full advantage of green power is a natural win-win situation for your business, your customers and the environment. For more about the Glacial Green program, visit




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