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Glacial Energy Rejects Blood Diamond Accusations

In August of 2011, Glacial Energy was accused in a lawsuit of being a “racketeering enterprise�
and secretly funneling revenue from customers to fund a blood diamond mining operation in
the Congo. In an attempt to create a scandal, this lawsuit was filed by Michael Petras, a
disgruntled former business associate of Gary Mole, CEO of Glacial Energy.

Shortly after the Petras lawsuit was filed, the Court required that our accuser re�file his
lawsuit without the outrageous and unfounded claims of blood diamond mining in Africa.
Subsequently, the Dallas/Fort Worth NBC affiliate did a news report and posted a story on
their website that reported on the false Blood Diamond claims and accusations found in the
details of the Petras lawsuit. Unfortunately, while other news websites have removed the
frivolous posting, NBC DFW claims a right to keep the allegations posted online because,
they were merely reporting that the lawsuit was filed and never commented on the lawsuit’s
veracity. While Glacial Energy feels that the continued posting of such meritless accusations
by NBC is reckless and does not reflect “responsible journalism,â€� we do not dispute the right
of the press to publish whatever it chooses within the bounds of the law.

Glacial Energy has stood firm on our stance that neither we, nor any of our subsidiaries, have
ever been involved, invested in or supported any blood diamond mining in the Congo or
elsewhere. We again thank our loyal customers for their support throughout this ordeal. If you
have further questions you can contact us at



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