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The Business of Doing Business: Shopping for Electricity Providers

We all know that to make a business successful one must decrease expenses while increasing profit. In times where the economy seems to flutter with the wind, smart business professionals proactively explore ways to decrease monthly expenses. One expense that can save your business money each month is the amount you pay for electricity.

In a very competitive marketplace, energy deregulation has provided businesses better control of their business electricity costs. The deregulation of the Texas electricity market gave birth to the emergence of several retail electric providers all competing for subscriptions from both residential and commercial energy users in the state and in energy deregulated cities such as Houston and Dallas.

Unlike electricity management at home, businesses have more complex processes and operational needs for electricity that if not managed would find them dealing with extremely high energy costs that would eventually affect their bottom line.

When considering energy plans businesses should:

  • First, compare the cost of the plan you are considering to the cost of your current and additional plans
  • Ask potential suppliers:
    • What type of contract will I have? What happens when it expires? What happens if I break the contract?
    • What are my payment options? What happens if I’m late in making a payment?
    • What will I pay per “kilowatt hour” (kWh) of electricity based on 1,000 kWh of average monthly usage?
    • Does this rate include everything, including the electricity generation cost, the transmission and distribution charges, fuel charges, a monthly customer charge, or any other fees?
    • Do you offer a fixed or variable rate? If variable, how can it change and how do I find out when the rate change will occur?
    • Do you offer energy audit services to help consumers conserve energy or use energy smartly?
    • Make a decision that works best for your business

Although it may seem easy, now given the “power to choose�, selecting from over 50 retail electricity providers can be a daunting task; with businesses finding themselves at the losing end should they fail to choose the best provider for their needs.

Businesses may not have the resources available to have an independent study or analysis of the various retail electric providers offering commercial electricity before they switch and commit to the services of one. Aside from this, companies may have to deal with all the other elements in the very complex energy market such as new regulations, changes in fees, penalties, reduction of carbon emissions, etc. However, many resources are available to assist in this seemingly monumental task.

One such resource, electricity brokers, can come into the picture and help businesses find ways on how they can efficiently use electricity and help them minimize their energy costs. These brokers deal and negotiate electrical rates with retail electric providers for the benefit of the business. No matter what business or industry your company may be, electricity brokers can provide professional services using up-to-date information of the energy market in a bid to obtain the best commercial electricity deals for the company.

No matter if your business researches possible electricity suppliers independently or with the help of an electricity broker, be sure to take an active role in understanding the differences offered by the various electricity suppliers. As a well-informed professional, you will have the ability to make money saving decisions that you can stand behind.

About Glacial Energy- Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy suppliers selling electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in deregulated markets across the country. Glacial Energy has the resources and market knowledge to provide customized quotes for your business. Learn more about Glacial Energy by visiting




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