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What’s so smart about Smart Meters?

Over the past year you may have heard something about smart meters on your local, or even national, news. Surrounded by misinformation, you, as a consumer, need to know the facts about smart meters, and how the use of smart meters can offer benefits ranging from saving money on your electric and natural gas bills to more reliable service.

The term smart meter usually refers to electric meters which keep detailed statistics on energy usage, but it can be used for gas or water meters. Each smart meter has a digital display and is similar in size to regular meters. Various types and models of smart meters are available, but all of them have the same basic functionality. Using a communications network, an internal antenna sends electricity consumption data to the electricity supplier.

The number of features available with a smart meter can vary. Another common feature, telemetering, can eliminate the need for suppliers to manually collect data by travelling to the location. Meters with this feature may also provide instant reporting of power outages and other issues, which enables the supplier to give a quicker response. A supplier can also use an energy smart meter network to monitor power for better balancing energy requirements during peak demand periods, such as hot summer days in areas where people use air conditioning.

For electric and gas customers, the smart meter offers detailed breakdowns of the energy you consume, which enables you to see energy usage patterns. Using this information, you can keep a check on your energy usage to save money and to reduce the overall power demand.

Many utilities are preparing helpful videos outlining additional details for roll-out and installation process. Check out a smart meter video made by Baltimore Gas and Electric.

Smart Meter 101 from BGE:

Benefits of Using a Smart Meter:

More Reliable Service
The use of more sophisticated meters is a major step towards improving energy services, such as decreasing the chances of power outages and other service interruptions. Also, by removing the need to send representatives to each household to collect readings, more representatives are available for important issues.

See Your Daily Energy Use
Using a smart meter allows you to become an active energy participant where we all can benefit from more reliable power, reduced carbon footprint and cleaner energy development. Monitoring your energy usage is as easy as going online to see a detailed history of your energy usage and costs, up to the previous day. You can view hourly electric consumption and compare your usage to last week, or even last year – valuable information you can use to make informed energy choices.

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