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Myth or Fact: Smart Meters

Although there has been some skepticism, Smart Meters are already starting to change the way people use and manage their electricity. Some myths about Smart Meters include:

 Myth: Smart Meters can turn off appliances in your home without your permission.

Fact: Smart meters do not identify electrical devices in the home or record when they are operated.  Smart meters only record total energy usage, as do older, analog meters. Furthermore, Smart Meters do not have the capability to operate appliances inside a home or business, including turning appliances on or off.  In the future, companies may offer voluntary programs in the future that include Home Area Network Devices for inside the home that give customers the ability to control certain appliances.

 Myth: Smart meters are surveillance devices.

Fact: Smart meters do not monitor household activity.  Smart meters only record and send energy usage data over secure, encrypted networks.  They never send personal data.  The advantage of smart meters is that companies will no longer have to send an employee to the house or business to read the meter, which actually equates to more privacy for the customer.

Myth: Smart meters will emit radiation into my home.

Fact: Smart Meters do not emit any microwave radiation, but communicate using radio frequencies (RF), similar to common every day devices such as radios, cell phones, baby monitors, wireless networks, etc. Smart Meters emit extremely low, infrequent signals 48 times per day. Each transmission is only a fraction of a second, resulting in an average daily transmission of about 5 seconds. Also, exposure levels decrease significantly as distance from the transmitter increases. RF also weakens as barriers such as building materials and meter enclosures enter its path

Myth: Installation of a smart meter will automatically cause an increase in customer bills. 

Fact: Smart meters have been tested and proven to record energy usage accurately and do not cause higher bills. In most cases, higher bills can be attributed to changes in weather, timing of rates, older equipment malfunctions and human error.

Most Important Thing to Know About Smart Meters

There are many things you should know about Smart Meters, but the most important thing you should know is that Smart Meters give you the ability to have insights into how you’re using electricity in your home.
Through access to energy usage data, consumers will be able to better understand their own energy usage. Beyond that, the Smart Meters will also enable cutting-edge technology, like smart thermostats, smart appliances and smart homes.

For additional information about smart meters please visit Wikipedia or view our blog article about smart meters.

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