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What is the home weatherization assistance program?

The Weather Assistance Program (WAP), created by the US Department of Energy, is implemented through a network of government regulatory bodies and local community agencies to provide ‘weatherization services’ for families below the average income line to lower their energy bills and become energy efficient, through achieving maximum efficiency.

Low-income families in every state in the country, District of Columbia, Native American Tribes as well as US Territories have been eligible for home Weatherization Assistance Program for over three decade.

Weatherization services

Weatherization services are offered for residential and multi-family facilities and generally within a budget (average of $6,500). Only the most energy efficient and cost-effective services are implemented.

The prime driver in home weatherization programs is low-cost, high-efficiency energy measures that go beyond home retrofitting solutions. Another key aspect of weatherization assistance programs is implementing safety measures to the homes and buildings, such as repair of old structures and checking major energy systems to ensure the place is safe to live.

WAP has goals

The primary goal for WAP is to encourage efficient energy consumption and to offer assistance to families who are unable to bear costly energy expenses.

The WAP has regular goals to achieve and are all set to weatherize 1.2milion homes at the start of the previous decade.

The US Department of Energy follows a formula for the calculation of weatherization grants to the states, which in turn run the assistance program through local communities and non-profit organizations.


  1. Every state and local community will be allotted funds by Department of Energy for Training and Technical Assistance activities in the state.
  2. Fixed base allocation for each state.
  3. Formula allocation.

Additional factors that influence allocation are:

  1. The percentage of low-income families in each state.
  2. The climatic conditions such as heating and cooling and the degree of energy required to meet the local conditions.
  3. Approximated financial expenditure each state bears because of energy consumed by these households.

This Public Service Announcement illustrates the services available through the Weatherization Assistance Program through the North Carolina Energy Office.

Applying for home weatherization Assistance

Families across the country can seek home weatherization program to lower their energy bills.

To find out if you are eligible to apply for assistance go here.

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