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Green Energy or Blue Energy? You choose!

Green energy is electricity generated from methods other than the conventional sources—such as oil, nuclear and coal–and has many advantages. Blue is the color that defines gloominess and pollution caused by the conventional methods of energy generation.

One major advantage to renewable energy is the sources of energy production are easily replenished. Therefore, it is a more sustainable form of energy production. Green energy production equipment generally requires less maintenance than conventional generators. Fuel derived directly from natural and available resources reduces the cost of operation. Green energy doesn’t produce pollution and is healthy for our environment. It brings economic benefits as the long-term costs involved in maintaining the plants for the energy generation is quite low.

Blue energy is energy generated from conventional sources such as coal, fossil and natural gas. It emits pollutants and waste that cause health and environment problems. Traditional power plants release carbon dioxide—a greenhouse gas–in to the environment. Greenhouse gases trap the sun’s energy in the atmosphere, rather than allowing it to escape into space. In addition, toxic and nuclear waste is also released in the environment, which damages marine life, the ecosystem and becomes part of the food cycle as well.

Conventional energy sources such as oil and gas are non-renewable. They will not last forever. New sources of oil and gas are constantly being required. Experts believe current resources under the North Sea will last about another 20 years and the world resources will last for about 70 years.

Our climate is changing due to pollution. It won’t just damage the natural environment, but will also be a risk to economic growth of any country. So what can we do to promote green energy and minimize the usage of blue energy? The simple answer is to conserve energy and make informed decisions. Choose a provider like Glacial Energy that uses a fuel mix, which is more green energy oriented. Make sure that your provider has a real focus on investment in renewable energy resources.

Remember, our actions decide the quality of life for our future generations. Our individual efforts, when combined as whole, can bring about major overall change. Start conserving and act smart today to bring about better change for our future.

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