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Getting a new pet? How about energy pet- proofing your home first!

Similar to how you would proof a home before a baby starts crawling, it’s very important to ensure that all safety hazards are addressed around the house before allowing a pet to roam freely. Pet-proofing applies to all types of pets—from the usual indoor cats and dogs, to the more colorful birds. Some of the most common hazards include cleaning supplies that are left unattended, toxic plants and dangling wires and open outlets. Open sockets and electrical devices are a real threat to pets. Usually the cords that go to the television, and all related devices, are very appealing for a cat to chew on. If your pet is able to chew the wire, then there is a risk for severe burns or even electrocution.

One of the most common problems with pets is that they can easily strangle themselves in electrical wires, if they get tangled up in a mess of multiple cables it can be something serious. If you must leave your pet unsupervised, make sure any loose electrical cords are unplugged or installed out of sight. Moreover, if a pet can squeeze behind the refrigerator or stove, they can easily remove the cord from the outlet, causing damage to both the appliance and themselves.

One of the easiest ways to pet-proof a house is to start by gathering all loose, exposed wires together with a twist tie so they are not as tempting to play with. After they have been gathered together, exposed cords, cables and wires can be placed inside of an appropriately sized piece of PVC pipe to further minimize a pet’s desire of playing with them. You can protect your pet from the electrical outlets by simply covering the electrical outlets with the same plastic outlet plugs you would buy for childproofing your home. Make sure all plugs are inserted completely into their wall sockets.  Small paws, noses and tongues can easily find their way into the partially exposed prongs.

Lamps with exposed bulbs can reach very high temperatures. As a precautionary measure do not allow pets to play near lamps.  If the lamp is knocked over a fire could break out. Some pets will often seek out warm and isolated spots in the home. Just keep an eye on them and do not allow them to hide or sleep behind your computer or television equipment, where numerous electrical connections are housed.

By following these simple measures, you can keep your playful pet and your home safe!

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