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Teaching children to conserve power

 It’s important for children to appreciate the environment and have an understanding of energy conservation. They can easily follow some simple rules to minimize their energy usage. There are various ways you can teach your children to save energy by making simple changes to their habits. It not only allows them to save energy, but will also make your children more responsible people.

Turn off TV and lights

Teach your children to always turn off lights. Televisions, DVD players, video games, stereos and other electronic equipment should be turned off as soon as they’re done using them. To make it fun, you can also assign your children a task: Whoever leaves the electrical appliances switched on or on standby mode will be fined. Teach them to make a habit of roaming around the house and checking if someone has left any lights on. They should be taught to turn the outdoor lights off when they wake up each morning.

Watching TV

Watching TV, playing video games or watching movies may be fun for your children, but the hours of energy usage from a TV add up quickly. You should engage your children more in outdoor activities as opposed to watching TV. This way you help your children save energy while keeping them active and healthy.

Take short showers

Nearly all children love to play in water. They waste untold gallons of water as they splash in the bath for hours. Children can save energy by taking short showers instead of a long tub baths. Also educate children about turning off the water while brushing their teeth.

Turn the thermostat to 76 degrees

Teach your children to turn the thermostat to 76 degrees during warm weather and 68 degrees during cold weather. It not only decreases your energy consumption, but also reduces your electricity bills.

Energy Leaks

Teach your children to occasionally hold a ribbon up to the edges of your house’s windows. The ribbon will move if there is a leak in or out of the house. Also show them how to seal a leak with caulk or weather-stripping.


Children can play an important part in recycling and bringing about great changes in the house. The activity of collecting cans, cartons, bottles and cereal boxes can be exciting for them and they will have fun looking for the items.

By teaching these simple steps, your children can become energy conscious for the rest of their lives.

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