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Too Expensive to Replace Your Appliances? Follow These Useful Tips to Extend Their Use and Make Them Energy Efficient

Appliances are not cheap, and even though you might have the desire to buy energy efficient appliances for your Texas home, your bank account might not agree. If you have some older appliances that you just can’t afford to replace right now, that does not mean that you will have to give up on the thought of becoming more conservative with your energy. With the tips that follow, you will find some ways that you can make your current appliances a bit more energy friendly, at least until you can afford to start replacing them.

The Refrigerator

Consider the seasons when you are adjusting the temperature settings for the fridge. You might find that you can lower the temperature a bit when you are in the cooler months. Of course, it doesn’t always get too cool in many parts of Texas, but you should still be able to drop the temps a bit and save some energy. Another way to reduce the amount of energy that your fridge is using is by taking out food from the freezer that you want to thaw the night before and placing it in the refrigerator. This cools down the temperature of the fridge so that it does not have to use electricity to maintain that temperature.

The Stove

Saving energy with the stove is just as easy. When you are cooking on the stovetop, make sure that you are using the right sized burner with the right sized pots. If you use too small of a burner, it is going to take more time and energy to heat. If the burner is too large, it will waste energy too. When you use lids on the pots, you can actually cook at lower temperatures because the heat is not escaping. For some foods, consider using the microwave. They use less energy than a traditional stove.

Washer and Dryer

Start washing your clothes in cold water more often. Only do loads when you have a large load. If you wash a small load, you are still using the same amount of water and energy. Make sure that you clean the dryer’s lint catch often. Too much lint will mean it takes longer to dry the clothes.

These are just a smattering of good tips that you can use so you can make your not-so-energy-efficient appliances last a bit longer and still help you save some money on your energy costs.

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