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Cost-friendly home heating

There are many ways to heat your home during the winter. Heating your home accounts for about 40 percent of your energy bill so it is important to use cost-friendly home heating options. There are a variety of options available to heat your house. Solar heating: Active solar heating systems use solar energy to heat [...]

How to conserve energy around your bathroom

In winter we all want out bathrooms to be warm and cozy. A warm bathroom provides us an incentive to get out of that comfy bed and it also gives us a boost in getting ready for work. But keeping your bathroom comfortable also requires a shocking amount of electricity. Hot water, ventilation fans, light [...]

Teach kids saving energy is fun

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up my parents never missed a chance to lecture about wasting energy. As often as elders lecture, children don’t always pick up on their key points. Kids like to have fun, so why not make saving energy a game? Here are a few ideas you [...]

TV fan- You can save energy while watching your favorite shows.

We are American and we love to watch TV. Two, three or four hours of TV is the norm for many. Weekends often mean a television and video game marathon. Here are a couple of ways to still enjoy TV while reducing energy consumption. Invite some friends over when you want to watch TV. Why [...]

Gas standby Generators- Is it for you?

We’ve come across a number of storms that have caused power outages—Sandy, Isaac, Ike, Rita and Katrina caused billions of dollars in damage and left entire cities without powers for days or weeks on end. Living without power during (or after) a hurricane is the norm. Those who have suffered a blackout realize what convenience [...]

From stovetops to central heating systems- what do you know about your home’s natural gas?

Natural gas is one of the most important sources of fuel, and can be seen in our homes on a gas range stovetop, and can generate heat up to 2000°F (1093°C) making it a powerful domestic cooking and heating fuel. In the United States it is supplied to homes via pipes where it is used [...]

Electric circuits 101

Here’s a little recap of high school chemistry for you: Electricity is formed by charged particles that originate in atoms. An atom consists of protons, electrons and neutrons. Protons are positively charged while electrons are negatively charged. The flow of electrons between two points is known as electricity. In order for us to safely consume [...]

You can prevent electrical fires

Christmas is around the corner and now is the perfect time to calculate your electrical usage before plugging in your Christmas lights. It’s also important to take safety precautions to avoid a disastrous electrical fire. Things like faulty wiring, dry winter weather and bad electronic product choices can all act as contributing factors in a [...]

Protection 101: How to detect and conquer a gas leak

As useful as natural gas is in our daily lives, it can also create a gas hazard. You might be using gas in your home through the gas stove, dryer, central heater or even space heater. Here are 3Rs to help you detect and conquer a gas leak in your home. Recognize: If you see [...]

Kitchen fires —be prepared to strike back

If you ever are faced with a kitchen fire, you need to strike back quickly and take control before the fire gets out of hand. We all know the drop and roll rule if our clothes are on fire, but many of us might not be prepared to tackle a fire before it spreads. Have [...]