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Kitchen fires —be prepared to strike back

If you ever are faced with a kitchen fire, you need to strike back quickly and take control before the fire gets out of hand. We all know the drop and roll rule if our clothes are on fire, but many of us might not be prepared to tackle a fire before it spreads. Have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen handy and learn to use it beforehand so you are prepared if a kitchen fire strikes. Here are some basic tips to conquer a small kitchen fire.

  • If the fire takes place in the oven or the microwave, close the door or keep it closed. Turn off the oven or remove the plug if it is the microwave. Don’t open the door! The lack of oxygen will suffocate the flames.
  • If your oven still continues to smoke after a few minutes like a fire is going on in there, call 911.
  • If there is a fire in a frying pan or a cooking pot, use an oven mitt to cover the pan with a lid and move the pan. Then turn off the stove. The lack of oxygen will stop the flames in the pot.
  • If you can’t safely put the lid on a flaming pan or you don’t have a lid for the pan, use your fire extinguisher. Do not aim at the flames, instead aim at the base of the fire.
  • Never try to put out grease fires using water. Water repels grease and can spread the fire by splattering the grease.
  • Throw lots of baking soda or salt on it. Do not use flour as it can explode or make the fire worse.
  • Be careful not to get hurt if you plan smother the fire with a wet towel or other large wet cloth.
  • Do not smack at the fire with a towel, apron, or other clothing. This act can fan the flames and spread the fire.
  • For electrical fires, throw baking soda over the flames
  • If the fire reaches out of a contained area, call 911
  • If fat or grease in a pan starts burning, turn off the heat and quickly slide a lid over the pan to cover it completely and cut off the oxygen supply.
  • To prevent future fires, always keep your stove, oven and hood clean, and avoid overloading outlets or circuits with too many appliances.


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