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Protection 101: How to detect and conquer a gas leak

As useful as natural gas is in our daily lives, it can also create a gas hazard. You might be using gas in your home through the gas stove, dryer, central heater or even space heater. Here are 3Rs to help you detect and conquer a gas leak in your home.


  • If you see discolored vegetation around your home in an otherwise green area or bubbles in standing water, it might be due to a gas leak.
  • You may hear a hissing, blowing or roaring sound inside your home or a building.
  • You may smell the scent of a rotten egg or any strange or unusual order like the smell of petroleum products.
  • Sometimes the smell can cause irritation or trigger allergies.
  •  Dust or dirt blowing from a hole in the ground may indicate a leak.
  • While cooking the flame should always be blue. If the flame is yellow or red you might have a possible gas leak.


  • Leave the area immediately on foot
  • Make sure there is no one in the building, including pets
  • Do not use any electronic appliances or products that can create a spark. This includes your cell phone.
  • Do not touch any electrical outlets, switches or the doorbell.
  • Do not start your vehicle or even use your garage door opener.
  • Do not try and find the source of the leak.
  • Do not light a match or a lighter.
  • Inform your neighbors and stay away from the building.
  • Do not re-enter the building.
  • If the gas ignites, do not try to put out the fire.
  • Do not smoke a cigarette or any other substance.


  • Call 911 and your local utility. Remember DO NOT email. Instead, make a call.
  • Remember Glacial Energy does not own the power lines so you need to call your local utility to help you in this crisis.
  • Stay in a safe location until the issue is sorted out and there is no longer a danger to enter the building.


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