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You can prevent electrical fires

Christmas is around the corner and now is the perfect time to calculate your electrical usage before plugging in your Christmas lights. It’s also important to take safety precautions to avoid a disastrous electrical fire. Things like faulty wiring, dry winter weather and bad electronic product choices can all act as contributing factors in a holiday fire.

Every year before the holiday season thousands of counterfeit electrical products end up in the stores across the United States. Most of these products are unable to withstand the electric power voltage demands of the extra holiday decorations. Usually, when the Consumer Product Safety Commission gets its hands on these p­roducts they are recalled, but that is not always the case.

Here are some ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from a holiday fire.

  1. Do not buy extension cords and circuit breakers from deep discount stores.
  2. Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual are both certifying bodies that independently test electric products to determine if they flame up when plugged in. If you see their certification on the label, it’s usually a safe bet to buy.
  3. Look for name brands while buying a product. If it’s one you recognize then go for it. Checking labels can also help. Look for spelling errors and bad grammar as it is a sure sign that the product you’re considering to buy was produced by a disreputable company.
  4. Take it easy on your home power supply and do not over crowd the outlet. Devices like space heaters consume much more power than Christmas lights so it is better to use within 80 percent of your amperage safety limit.
  5. Be sure to unplug all your Christmas lights before you go to bed.
  6. If your devices have frayed or worn wiring, it’s time to replace the device and the wiring.
  7. Look for old plugs that don’t fit snugly into an outlet. These can also cause sparking.
  8. Be sure the product cords have proper rubber insulation as it is meant to cut down on heat output and eliminate current arcing, and when it’s missing, the risk of fire increases greatly.
  9. If you feel that any outlet is over loaded, simply unplug one device and plug it into another outlet to reduce the risk of an electrical fire.
  10. Even certified products can cause an overload, so always be careful while using appliances such as hair dryers and space heaters as they tend to use more power than other devices.


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