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Gas standby Generators- Is it for you?

We’ve come across a number of storms that have caused power outages—Sandy, Isaac, Ike, Rita and Katrina caused billions of dollars in damage and left entire cities without powers for days or weeks on end. Living without power during (or after) a hurricane is the norm. Those who have suffered a blackout realize what convenience electricity is and how difficult it is to live without power. A standby gas generator might seem to be too farfetched, but if you have suffered a blackout recently, you know how important it is to have an emergency generator to power your home. People are now installing home standby generators in record numbers to protect their families and investments.

Selecting a home standby generator system is simple. You pick a standby generator and an automatic transfer switch in a bundled package. Standby generators are rated by kilowatts, which basically measures the machine’s strength and endurance.

When you are looking to buy a generator, you need to decide what strength it should have. In order to decide which one will be more suitable for you, first think if you will require air conditioning during the blackout. If you live in a southern state like Texas, living without air conditioning during the sweltering months of summer is next to impossible. If you living in the north you might want to skip the air conditioning and save some cash. If you want to run your central air conditioner, you need a strong generator capable of turning over a high-powered motor. If you skimp on strength, don’t expect it to start. The basic rule of thumb when looking for a generator is to buy based on the amount of electricity you expect to use, with or without using the air conditioning.

The next item you need to check before buying a generator is endurance. You are buying a standby generator to replace the electricity lost from the utility company. If your electric panel has a 200-amp main breaker, the maximum amount of electricity your home can consume is 200 amps. If you have 100-amp service, it’s 100-amps. Now we know that no one ever uses the maximum amount of electricity. Your consumption will be somewhere between 0 and your maximum. Finding a generator is easy,  it is a must that you read the installation and safety manual in detail. It is recommended that you have the generator professionally installed if you are not tech savvy. If you are going to have a transfer switch, you need a licensed electrician to install it.

So you probably don’t need a 200-amp generator and you don’t use that amount of energy anyways. Instead, determine how much of your electric panel you want to energize.

You may be one of many running out to buy a generator, but remember to keep these key tips in mind so that your purchase is a wise one.


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