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Teach kids saving energy is fun

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up my parents never missed a chance to lecture about wasting energy. As often as elders lecture, children don’t always pick up on their key points. Kids like to have fun, so why not make saving energy a game? Here are a few ideas you can use with your children to help them understand how to conserve power.

I spy ghost electronics: Instead of a regular “I Spy� game, in which your child tries to guess what you see, why not ask them to help you find all the ghost electronics in the house that suck power even when they are not in use. This way they will also understand to unplug their games and electronics when finished.

Planned power outages: Have a planned power outage in your house to make your children understand and realize what the effects of power failure are and why it is so important to conserve energy. This activity can be made fun by having candle light dinners and game nights. This can also include some family time because all the electronics such as TV, video games and computers will not be on. This will also make them realize that life can also exist without technology.

The jar game: Many parents use a “curse jar� that family members add to whenever they use a bad word. You could try using the same technique for members who waste energy and forget to turn off the lights or television. After a couple of offenses, not only will your children become more careful in conserving electricity, but so will you. This will also have a positive effect on your next energy bill.

Online games: As crazy as it sounds there are many educational games out there that teach your kids how to conserve energy. These games are not only fun but also are very educational. Some examples of these websites include, or


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