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TV fan- You can save energy while watching your favorite shows.

We are American and we love to watch TV. Two, three or four hours of TV is the norm for many. Weekends often mean a television and video game marathon. Here are a couple of ways to still enjoy TV while reducing energy consumption.

  1. Invite some friends over when you want to watch TV. Why watch television alone? The more the merrier. This way you will save energy because only one TV will be on. Pop some popcorn and make an evening of it.
  2. Check the brightness of your TV. The brighter your TV the more energy it consumes. Each TV has a brightness setting so check yours and if you think it’s not bright enough just turn off one of your lights and it will look better.
  3. Check the volume of your TV. The louder the volume is, the more energy is consumed. Also check the mega sound system. You really may not need it unless you are watching a big production movie.
  4. Turn off all the other perihelia you are not using, such as your DVD player, Blu-Ray or Wii. They don’t need to be on constantly. DVD players and game systems are notorious energy hogs, often sucking power out of the wall even when they are in standby mode.
  5. Turn off the TV when you leave the room. You don’t need the TV on when you want to use the restroom or make yourself a sandwich. It’s ok to let the TV rest for a while. You can turn it back on later. You also shouldn’t sleep with the television on because not only does it disturb your sleep, but it also wastes loads of energy.
  6. Use a power strip and plug all your TV accessories in it. This way you will only need to turn off one switch, which is a lot easier to remember.
  7. Read a book instead. Yes I know a book cannot replace a TV show but many shows are based on books, so why not read the original version instead.


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