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How to conserve energy around your bathroom

In winter we all want out bathrooms to be warm and cozy. A warm bathroom provides us an incentive to get out of that comfy bed and it also gives us a boost in getting ready for work. But keeping your bathroom comfortable also requires a shocking amount of electricity. Hot water, ventilation fans, light fixtures and leaky plumbing are just a few sources of how energy is consumed in our bathrooms. Just what material you use and how you use them can cost you much more than what you expected.

Heating water can add up to a quarter of your energy bill, so conserving your hot water will help you save money. Adjust the temperature of the hot water so it is warm and not scalding hot. This can decrease your energy bill substantially. Another tip is to insulate your water heater and pipes so they heat water faster. Placing foam insulation on your water pipes will go a long way in cutting your hot water cost. Flow-restricting shower heads also save you money as they tend to reduce the amount of water used. Taking short showers instead of long baths also helps save some cash.

During the summer it is crucial to use the bathroom’s ventilation fan and to bring fresh air back in, but in winter it is better that the steam and moisture flows around the house. It is advisable to keep a small fan by your bathroom door to drive the hot air from the bathroom and in to the rest of your home.

Using proper lights in your bathroom is also very important. Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs) use only 25 percent of the power incandescent light bulbs use and provide the same amount of light. Not only do they use less electricity but they also have a longer life span. It is also important to use energy star hair dryers and hair straighteners because they consume less energy. Ceramic hair dryers are also more energy efficient than rickety old hair dryers, so investing in an eco friendly hair dryer can help you save money.

Leaky faucets and toilets not only add to your water bill but also to your energy bill. When you have leaking hot water your heater has to heat more water and thus it wastes energy. So it is better to get your leaky faucets fixed quickly because it will save you money on your next utility bill.

Source: Home Energy Team

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