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Party Decoration Tip: Use Black Lights

If you are in a mood for some festive lighting for your next party, how about using black lighting instead of the same old white lighting?  Black lights are a great way to illuminate your home and to change the ambience of a room for a party or a special occasion.  Some people tend to use black lights for their everyday use as it creates a unique setting.  Replacing white lights with black lights is very simple and easy.  Black lights use the same amount of energy as white lights so there is no cost difference.

Black lights reflect off objects in a very different manner than standard bulbs.  Black lights will make some colors appear more difficult to see, while they’ll help other colors and shades to stand out even more than they normally would.  It emits a long ultraviolet wave and makes florescent paints look spectacular.  Generally, lighter and brighter colors will be even more light and bright, while darker colors will tend to fade into the background under black lights. By using the proper paints and shades, colors will be best able to shine through the dark light that is produced by the bulbs.

In order to create a proper ambiance, you don’t even need to replace all of your standard bulbs with black lights.  In fact, only one or two bulbs will be sufficient for creating the unique appearance that you hope to achieve in your room.  Even for parties, you can use a few black lights and with the proper wall color and objects in the room, you can achieve just the right look. It might be a nice idea to hang some paintings or designs using florescent paints to give the room a unique look.  Also, adding glow sticks and glow-in-the-dark material will also stand out and be more cost efficient.

Keep in mind that it’s not advisable to use black lighting for regular use as they tend to overheat quicker than standard light bulbs and may burn out or run the risk of catching on fire if left on for too long.  Because these bulbs are more expensive than standard light bulbs, you’ll save money by using them sparingly.

Source: DIY: Decorating with Black Lights

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