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Still Learning with Schoolhouse Rock

If you were a child in the late 70s and 80s, then you probably know a bit about Schoolhouse Rock. The short cartoon music videos were staples of Saturday morning television, and they covered a host of different types of topics all in an effort to teach youngsters about various things. The catchy lyrics and fun musical style of these videos were great because they were easy to remember, and they actually did a good job of teaching the basics of different subjects to children. Some of the most popular of these videos include the unforgettable “I’m Just a Bill�, “Conjunction Junction�, and “Body Machine�.

Learning about Electricity

One of the other popular videos was “Electricity, Electricity!�, and it was remarkable just how much one could learn from the lyrics. They start quite basic, talking about wanting to see in the dark, as well as how you have to flip a switch to receive electricity. They also go into detail about where the electricity comes from and how it travels through wires to get into your house. It talks about the wires, the power plants and the fuel needed to make electricity, generators, and more.

In fact, the song even has a spoken part that explains how generators contain powerful magnets that create magnetic fields, and that the wires rotated in the field to create a current and produce electricity. It mentions Ben Franklin, and even talks about a fun experiment that you can try with the kids regarding static electricity with a comb and fur! The song mentions static electricity being electricity at rest, how you get shocks, and so much more.

The song covers just about every basic thing that you are going to want to know about electricity, and it provides you with quite a few other areas that you will be able to use for further study and exploration with the kids. The songs make it much easier to learn about many different things, and it really works to help with the memory. After all, you probably know the words to quite a few songs by heart. Knowing these lyrics will give you knowledge, too.

Still Fun After All These Years

Even though they might be more than thirty years old, you will find that these videos are still very relevant today, and they are a great way to help your children learn. They can be a nice way to refresh your own knowledge, and even grammar skills! If you have kids and you want to help them learn a bit about electricity, or any of the other topics that Schoolhouse Rock covered, you can find just about every video on YouTube. The videos might not have all of the information you need, but they are always a fun starting point. They can be a nice trip down memory lane as well!

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