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Go Green at Work!

Today, many people are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly because they realize the importance of having a safe and livable environment for future generations. “Going Green� isn’t just for your residence – you can apply the same ideas at your place of work! Get others in on the act and you will see that it’s possible to turn just about any workplace a bit “greener�. Read on for some valuable tips!

 Set Up a Recycling Program

Seems easy, right?  That’s because it is.  Designate an area (like a breakroom) where bins can be placed for recyclable items such as paper, magazines, cardboard, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and many other items.  Place clear signs above each bin indicating which bin is for what so you don’t have to do any sorting later on.  In some cases, some items can be turned in for cash and that money can be used for work-related parties and events.

Determine a Good Temperature and Stick With It

One of the issues that many companies have is that some employees insist on the temperature being very high while others want it very low. You have to come up with a happy medium that pleases everyone (or, at least, most everyone) so that employees are not trying to change the temperature throughout the day.  Also, make sure that the last person who leaves for the day sets it at a higher temperature since there’s no point in cooling an empty office at night and, therefore, wasting energy.

Turn Off the Lights and Computers

Make it someone’s responsibility at the end of the day to ensure that the lights are out and the computers are off. A quick walkthrough should suffice. After enough time passes, you’ll find that employees may begin doing this on their own out of habit.

Print Less and Reuse Paper

Keep the important emails and files on the computer rather than printing all of them out. Reducing the amount of printing will help save energy in a number of ways. You’ll use less electricity because you’re printing less and you’re reducing your paper and ink usage. Less printer waste is definitely “greener�!

“Going green� is great for any workplace. Talk with some others at your office and come up with some other ideas that you can incorporate to make it a “greener� work environment. Together, you can make a difference!


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