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Be an Eco-Tourist!

Vacations are a wonderful way to escape reality when we need to. While you might not be able to get away from all of your troubles, a vacation is a nice way to unwind and recharge your batteries so you can get back to your life with renewed vigor. People today are starting to look for vacation options that are a bit out of the norm and a bit off the beaten path. “Green� vacations fit nicely into this category!

What is a Green Vacation?

A green vacation doesn’t mean a trip to the Emerald Isle (though that could certainly be a great destination!). What it does mean is being as environmentally conscious as possible when you travel. Ecotourism, as some call it, is a great way to visit places while reducing your carbon footprint.

Criteria of Ecotourism

According to Forbes, a destination must meet certain criteria before it’s considered an ecotourist spot.  First, all tourism providers or locations must respect local wildlife.  Second, they must employ a local staff, and lastly, tourism providers must focus on the outdoors with minimal impact to the natural environment.

Where to Go

Most of the time, green vacations focus on getting outside and enjoying nature. You can find some wonderful options all around the world. Places such as Indonesia, the Channel Islands, Alaska, and Costa Rica are great, but they are not the only options. Once you start looking, you will discover some options without even having to leave the continental United States.

Choosing a green vacation can be fun and rewarding. You get to enjoy the beauty of nature and living green, and you can often save on the costs of a traditional vacation.  Try it out for your next trip!


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