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Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity has been around long enough that we don’t give it much thought.  We flip a switch and the light comes on (barring unforeseen circumstances, of course).  Sometimes, we get too comfortable and we neglect to take simple safety precautions.  Let’s take a look at a few tips to keep you and your family safe from electricity-related dangers.

  1. Don’t yank the power cord: You’re in a rush and it would just be so easy to give the cord a little tug instead of walking over to the outlet and unplugging it properly; but pulling the cord could damage the plug, the outlet, and the unit. Do you see a spark sometimes when you yank out the cord?  Avoid risk of electric shock and unplug all your appliances and/or electronics safely.
  2. Water and electronics don’t mix: Most of us know this but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention it.  Whether you’re in the bathroom, the kitchen, or any other room where there’s a chance an appliance could come into contact with water, keep this safety tip in mind.  For the outdoors, make sure you use extension cords that are designated for outdoor use.  They are made to withstand the elements, such as wet conditions when it rains.
  3. Visible wires mean danger: If any of your appliances’ wires are showing, now is the time to get them repaired.  In some extreme cases, it’s best to just buy a new unit.  If the damage is minimal, repairs can be made with electrical tape.
  4. Keep tree limbs trimmed: Do you have trees in your yard that are close to power lines?  Make sure to keep your tree limbs trimmed so that they are never touching the power lines.  Keep in mind that during high winds, limbs have the potential of falling on power lines, which can take out your power.
  5. Teach your kids: Teach your kids the basics about electricity.  It’s a good idea to keep sockets covered when not in use but kids grow up and can remove these easily so teaching them the importance of electrical safety is always a good idea.  Here’s a great video to show your kids:
  6. Avoid “Over� Plugging: What on earth do we mean by this?  It means don’t plug too many electronics into one power source.  Every outlet is limited to a certain amount of voltage and depending on what is plugged into it, it could be fine…or it could get overloaded.  Err on the side of caution and don’t plug too many appliances/electronics into one outlet.


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