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Energy Saving Tips for the Kitchen!

The kitchen has long been the symbol of family gatherings and welcoming aromas.  For many, this can be the busiest, most used space in their home.  With this in mind, doesn’t it deserve to operate more efficiently?  We think so!  This blog breaks down just a few tips to make your kitchen work for you…for less.

  1. Use ENERGY STAR products.  ENERGY STAR products tend to consume 10 to 30 percent less energy than non-ENERGY STAR rated products.  Look for the blue label the next time you’re shopping for appliances.
  2. Let your dishes air dry. The dishwasher uses more energy to dry dishes than to wash them. If your dishwasher doesn’t have the option of automatic air dry, simply open the door after the wash cycle and either let them air dry or dry them by hand with a towel.
  3. Utilize energy efficient settings.  Dishwashers, for example, sometimes come with options to make the rinse cycle shorter or to change settings based on the size of the load inside.  Make sure you’re familiar with the settings available to you and use them accordingly.
  4. Use the dishwasher for full loads.  Try not to run the dishwasher when it’s not full but also be sure not to overload the dishwasher.  Overloading a dishwasher could result in dishes not being washed and rinsed properly.
  5. Avoid extra appliances.  For some, it’s a necessity but it’s a good idea to avoid having a second refrigerator or a freezer if they are rarely full.
  6. Clean refrigerator coils at least twice a year.  You might have to clean them more often if you have pets that shed.  Condenser coils are located at the bottom or rear of your fridge.  Unclean coils can result in higher energy usage than actually needed.
  7. Allow foods to partially cool.  Allow any hot foods time to cool before you put them in your refrigerator.  It takes more energy to cool hot food. Also make sure to cover foods and liquids for added savings.


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