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A Day without Electricity

You know the saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder?  Or perhaps, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone?  Well, those same principles could apply to electricity.  Imagine just one day without lights, televisions, phones, and the internet (sadly, no blog reading!)…it might be a hard concept to grasp considering how accustomed we are to such conveniences.  But taking just one day to leave these behind could be good for you (and your family).

Consider all of the things you do on a normal basis that use electricity and plan ahead so you don’t have to do them on your electricity-free day.  Things like laundry, paying bills online, checking/sending email, and even cooking.  Do laundry, pay bills, and such the day before and take a day off from cooking and make sandwiches and cut up fresh veggies for lunch.  Dinner could be cooked on the grill outside (again, remembering to plan ahead by keeping your meats in a cooler instead of your refrigerator).

It’s a good idea to conduct this “experiment� on the weekend.  That way, you won’t miss work and your kids won’t miss school.  Choose a day where the weather’s cool but not too cool (winter time is probably a bad idea) and make a trip to the park (a great place for a picnic with those sandwiches we talked about earlier, right?).  Remember to leave your phone behind (or, at least, try not to use it but have it on hand for emergencies).

Maybe you’re wondering what the benefit of this experiment could be.  How about more family time and fewer distractions?  Play board games by candlelight after your delicious grilled dinner.  Have a family discussion about your next vacation without a phone ringing or the background noise of the TV.  You’ll surprise yourself with just how peaceful it can be to get back to the basics every now and then.  You might even want to do it more often!

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