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Electric Motorcycles Anyone?

Do you love the speed and the flexibility of a motorcycle?  These days, most people talk about electric cars since cars tend to be more practical, but if you’re in the market for a motorcycle, consider all your options.  In this age of technology, that now includes electric motorcycles.  Here are a few advantages to consider:

  1. Things you’ll never do again:  Fill up with gas, replace the clutch, change an engine oil filter, change engine oil, replace spark plugs, change a fuel filter, replace the timing belt…and much more.  Imagine the savings on these things alone besides the benefits to the environment.
  2. Charge at home: No more waiting in line to fill up at the gas station.  You can now charge your bike when you are home spending time with the family or even while taking a short nap.  A popular brand, Zero Motorcycles, depending on the model, will use approximately 650W-1300W while charging.
  3. Savings: Though tanks on standard motorcycles aren’t huge, gas is one less thing you have to pay for.  For some, a motorcycle is a secondary vehicle they enjoy riding on the weekend or for special trips and now they can enjoy it even more knowing their fun hobby won’t break the bank.
  4. Tax Credit:  Covering 10% of the purchase price, up to $2,500, the E-motorcycle Federal Tax Credit, also known as the 2-3 wheeled plug-in tax credit, was approved earlier this year by President Obama.  The credit applies to street-legal motorcycles with 2.5 kilowatt-hour (or larger) battery packs that can go over 45 mph.
  5. Other Benefits:  These include special access to parking, traffic lanes and riding areas and free charging stations so you don’t have to worry about just charging at home.

Just as with purchasing an electric car, there are things to consider such as driving range, upfront cost, maintenance, etc.  And because it is one more “gadget� that will be using electricity in your home, make sure you’re locked into a low electricity rate so you’re not overpaying every month.


Image courtesy of Zero Motorcycles

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