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Game Night!

The idea of having a game night isn’t a new concept but over the years, it’s evolved into many different types of games – many of them using gaming consoles.  Some include pretending you’re playing guitar in the hottest band on the planet or a dancing in the finals on “So You Think You Can [...]

Load Shedding and Why It’s Important

Whenever there is a great demand for electrical power, such as during a hot day when everyone is running air conditioning, load shedding can help. Load shedding is a way to save money, and it can be quite useful to reduce pollution as well. If load shedding were not a possibility, the result would be [...]

Become a FANatic

With temperatures on the rise and the official start of summer not that far away, it’s time to start preparing for how to stay cool this summer.  Of course, if you have an air conditioning unit, it’s just a matter of setting it to a temperature you’re comfortable with but also making sure you’re comfortable [...]

Green Energy Efforts Around the World

The green movement involves various countries around the world working toward a more sustainable future and offsetting the damage and depletion of the earth’s resources. In recent years, the global demand for energy has increased dramatically due to increases in population, industrialization, and technology use. As a result, several areas around the globe have chosen [...]

Types of Commercial Businesses that Can Benefit from Energy Efficiency

It’s safe to say that all businesses want to save money whenever possible without a reduction in the quality of service and/or products they offer.  With this idea in mind, it is easy to see why energy efficiency platforms are popular. Many different types of commercial businesses can benefit from these measures. Here are some [...]

Electricity Jargon Made Easy!

Have you ever come across some electricity terms that you didn’t know? With all the acronyms and jargon in the electrical industry, it can be hard to keep track. We’ve looked for the most common terms people will come across and listed them here in simple terms. Deregulation: Simply put, it means you have the [...]

Greener Greenhouses

On the surface, a greenhouse can be considered an environmentally-friendly architectural structure as it stands due to the protective environment it provides for various types of plants.  They serve to optimize plant growth by trapping heat and providing light in winter months, stabilizing unreliable water supplies, preventing withering with controlled cooling in summer months, and [...]

Energy Efficiency and the Technology Behind It

In today’s world, energy efficiency and technology go hand in hand. With technological advances becoming more and more user friendly, it’s easier for businesses to incorporate them and to use them to manage their energy resources. From hardware to software, quite a few different types of energy efficiency technology are playing vital roles in businesses [...]

Energy Saving Tips for Handheld Devices

The presence of electronics in the consumer world continues to grow with the release of new and upgraded versions of devices every few months. It’s quite common for people to own multiple electronics, interchanging devices throughout the day and draining the battery life in each. These electronics and their corresponding chargers do not seem to [...]

Save Green by Going Green

Owning a home is the “American Dream� but it doesn’t always feel that way, does it?  Besides your mortgage and insurance, you have to worry about all the other bills a house comes with, like water and electricity.  Saving money in this day and age has become even more of a priority.  If you’ve been [...]

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