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Electricity Jargon Made Easy!

Open bookHave you ever come across some electricity terms that you didn’t know? With all the acronyms and jargon in the electrical industry, it can be hard to keep track. We’ve looked for the most common terms people will come across and listed them here in simple terms.

Deregulation: Simply put, it means you have the power to choose your electricity or natural gas provider.  Companies, like Glacial Energy, compete for your business.  The power to choose gives consumers a choice.

Distribution: This is the act of transmitting electricity over high voltage wires, transformers, and low voltage wires between a power plant and your home or business.

Grid: The actual wires, telephone poles, relay stations, and transformers that are operated by a Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (see TDSP).

kWh: Kilowatt hour. This is the unit in which electricity consumption is measured. Your energy provider charges you a specific rate per kilowatt hour of energy consumed. One kilowatt hour is equal to a 100 watt bulb running for 10 hours.

Phantom Load: The energy used when an electronic device is off, but still plugged in. This consumption is also known as “standby power� or “vampire electronics�.

Power plant: The industrial facility where electric power is generated.

Renewable Energy: Energy created from renewable sources which create less gas emissions.  Examples include hydroelectricity, solar, biomass, geothermal, and wind.

REP: Retail Energy Provider: A company which bills, sells, and provides customer service to people for their electricity service.

Smart Meter: This electronic meter calculates the kWh consumed and transmits that data directly to the REP for monitoring and billing. (See also kWh and REP.)

TDSP: Transmission and Distribution Service Provider. The TDSP maintains the telephone poles, transformers, substations, and high voltage lines that transmit electricity to your home or business.

Transformers: Transformers increase the voltage of electricity so that it can be transmitted over long distances via high voltage power lines and decrease the voltage so that it can be transmitted to a home or business

This is just a few of the several terms used in the industry, but likely the ones you’ll come across the most.


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