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Green Energy Efforts Around the World

environmentThe green movement involves various countries around the world working toward a more sustainable future and offsetting the damage and depletion of the earth’s resources. In recent years, the global demand for energy has increased dramatically due to increases in population, industrialization, and technology use. As a result, several areas around the globe have chosen to promote environmentally friendly alternatives.  Here are just a few of the places and just what they’re doing to help save our natural resources.

United States

Under Obama’s Energy Agenda, the United States has opted to take an “all-of-the-above� approach that focuses on reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil by leasing new acres of land for domestic oil exploration, manufacturing vehicles with better fuel efficiency, improving the electric grid, and increasing production of natural gas. In addition, the administration’s Clean Energy Standard aims to double the generation of renewable energy by 2035.


Due to an immense population, China has the largest oil consumption of any other country. Noticing the adverse effects of its strain on carbon-based fossil energy sources, China has taken a necessarily vigorous stance on its own energy use and production. Its energy conservation measures – now in its 12th five-year plan of China’s Comprehensive Work Plan on Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction – have implemented energy-saving improvements in industrial equipment and materials, in public transportation systems, and in electrically-powered homes and buildings. In their shift from non-fossil resources, the country has reached remarkable feats with renewable energy production, becoming the world’s leading hydro- and wind power generators. China also aims to harness more nuclear power by 2015, currently working to further improve safety measures and supervision of radiation levels.


The European Union has created an energy policy that aims to cut down on the continent’s total energy consumption to four-fifths of its current use by 2020. Starting with an investment of 1 trillion Euros, they seek to improve the energy grid by connecting to power stations with renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power. Within that same time frame, the combined countries plan to introduce new regulations concerning end-use consumer information, impose stricter nuclear safety regulations, and implement low-carbon technologies for energy generation and management.

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