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Electrician Installing Ceiling FanWith temperatures on the rise and the official start of summer not that far away, it’s time to start preparing for how to stay cool this summer.  Of course, if you have an air conditioning unit, it’s just a matter of setting it to a temperature you’re comfortable with but also making sure you’re comfortable with how it will affect your electricity bill.  There is something that can help: the ceiling fan.  But not just any ceiling fan – SUPER CEILING FAN!  Okay, there’s no such thing.  What we’re really talking about is ENERGY STAR rated ceiling fans.

Let’s start with a statistic that’s hard to ignore: ENERGY STAR rated ceiling fans are 50% more energy efficient than conventional ones.  If you’re wondering just how they do this, it has to do with a couple of things: better motors and better blade designs.  And speaking of the blades, did you know that there are recommendations for blade size based on the size of the room?  For more on that, click here.

In the summertime, the best way to run your ceiling fan is with the blades running downward; this creates a cool breeze.  If you have your air conditioning unit running at the same time, lower it by two degrees – this change alone can save you 14% over the course of the summer!  But remember this – ceiling fans cool people, not rooms, so make sure to turn them off when you leave to save energy.

The Motor

There are two types of ceiling fan motors:  those with ball bearings that are sealed and lubricated and those with bearings that rotate in an oil bath.  The first option requires little to no maintenance while the second may need the occasional oil refill (learned something new, didn’t you?).

There are three types of motor grades:  performance, medium, and economy.  Performance grade fans are usually the most expensive kind because they’re designed for continuous and quiet operation.  Medium grade fans can run for approximately 12 hours per day and, lastly, economy grade fans work best in a room with 8-foot ceilings for no more than 8 hours per day.  As you can guess, these are usually the least expensive fans.

The Blades

Did you know that high quality blades are weighed and measured to be put into matched sets?  In other words, you can’t just switch out a blade from one box with a blade in another.  The blades that come in the box of the fan that you bought are literally a perfect complement to each other and help your ceiling fan be the best that it can be.

You probably never thought you’d know this much about ceiling fans or that there was even this much to learn.   Being an informed shopper benefits you and, in time, your pocketbook.  You can’t beat that…but you can beat the heat with a better and more energy efficient ceiling fan.


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