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Game Night!

GThe idea of having a game night isn’t a new concept but over the years, it’s evolved into many different types of games – many of them using gaming consoles.  Some include pretending you’re playing guitar in the hottest band on the planet or a dancing in the finals on “So You Think You Can Dance.â€�  There are certainly several options…but how about a classic game night?  The kind where blackouts (under extreme circumstances, of course) couldn’t put a damper on your fun?  It’s time for some good old-fashioned laughs and bonding with your dearest friends playing some of these tried and true games.

Monopoly: Who doesn’t like a competitive game of Monopoly?  It’s family friendly – in case kids are a part of your game night crowd – and you get to send people to jail, collect $200 just for passing “Go�, and buy up all the properties you want!  Win/win!

Scrabble: Have you heard of the smartphone app, “Words with Friends�?  It’s Scrabble on the go so how about pulling out the original game and putting your brain to work!  You’ll be amazed at the words you can discover.

Clue: How good are your investigating skills? And who doesn’t love a good murder mystery?  Put your detective hat on, solve the crime, and have fun!

Battleship: “Don’t sink my battleship!�  This may not be the best game for the most competitive of people (though that idea probably applies to most games).

Pictionary: Not an artist?  That’s part of the fun!

Cranium: Built on the concept of Ludo, this game is a perfect workout for your entire brain. From creativity to grammar and knowledge of facts to acting out clues, this game will make your guests happy no matter which category they like as there is something for everyone.

So, what’s so great about having a “classic� game night?  You get to give your television a break (which will save you some energy) and you get to focus on a fun night of interacting with friends and family – what could be better?  And remember – no game night is complete without the snacks!  Have fun!

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