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The Benefits of Weather Stripping

As houses age, they can develop small cracks along seams in windowsills, door frames, and attic spaces. These tiny cracks can have a major impact on your energy costs. Air seeps through these cracks, causing your home to lose 30 to 40% in extra heat in the winter and cooled air from your air conditioner [...]

What is “Power Felt”?

Electricity can be generated by many different means.  Solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectricity, natural gas, coal, and geothermal vents are many of the ways we generate electricity. But now, David Carroll, a nanotechnologist from Wake Forest University has developed a thermoelectric fabric he calls power felt that generates electricity from heat or movement. The fabric [...]

Car Debate: Electric vs. Hybrid

There’s no doubt that internal combustion vehicles will eventually be obsolete. We’ve already seen the advancements with locomotives; from steam locomotives, to diesel locomotives, to electric and magnetic monorails. Cars will be no different; though it’s highly unlikely they will run on magnets or rails. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have actually existed since 1901, when [...]