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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Building?

Green City vectorMany home and business owners are making an effort to have energy efficient buildings. They invest in new windows, smart thermostats they can control with a phone, properly insulate and weather strip, and reduce needless energy consumption. But, the Bullitt Center is a project of the Bullitt Foundation that will become a 50,000 square foot building in Seattle, Washington. And it very well could become the most energy efficient in the world.

Centered around natural lighting, energy conservation, and green technology, this building aims to be the greenest building ever seen. This project could become a stepping stone for businesses wanting to be more energy conscious. The building itself will be six stories tall and the first floor has been leased to the International Living Future Institute, which presented the Living Building Challenge, an effort to focus on energy conservation and green practices. The building has an open floor plan and large windows, emphasizing the use of natural lighting. Businesses will be given the option to choose their own lighting.  One viable option is full spectrum lighting, which can produce artificial sunlight. And of course, energy efficient LEDs are always plausible, too.

It isn’t just the building that will be green. Another purpose is to promote a green lifestyle. The building will feature bicycle storage areas and pedestrian friendly locations. The building will also feature a green roof, which provides added insulation and a lovely garden space, solar arrays to help provide power, and it will collect and store rainwater. Furthermore, no toxic materials will be used for construction. The building will have no PVC or lead anywhere in it.

The Bullitt Center has the potential to become the greenest building on the planet, and will hopefully set the standard for future commercial buildings.


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