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The Future of the Coal Industry

Climate change is a growing concern all over the globe, and consumers are looking to secure a cleaner future by switching to renewable energy solutions. Unfortunately for the coal industry, this means a major downturn in their sales. But, to keep up with the times, other, more environmentally friendly methods must be explored. There are [...]

How Your Business can be Greener

There are numerous ways to make our businesses greener. They can be simple, immediate measures like cutting back on printers, scanners, and general paper use or installing high efficiency lighting. There are more in depth measures that can be taken too, that will have a strong, positive impact on the environment. These include revamping HVAC [...]

Energy Usage: Apartments vs. Single-Family Homes

Most apartments are essentially semi-permanent hotels and would consume a lot of electricity with so many people living in them, right? Compared to a single-family home, they probably eat a lot of power each day. However, that is not actually the case. Electricity usage in apartments has actually dropped almost 40% in recent times. In [...]

A Helpful Moving Checklist

Moving can be a stressful undertaking. “Did I pack all of the dishware?� “Did I remember to put all the legal documents in the right binder?� and “How am I going to fit all of this into the moving truck?� may be some of the questions you ask yourself when it comes time to relocate. [...]

What Makes Windows Energy Efficient?

Energy efficient windows can save you a bundle of money by preventing heat loss or gain in winter and summer, respectively. These types of windows seal up your house and make it as air-tight as possible, which in turn keeps your heating and cooling appliances running at maximum efficiency. But what exactly does it mean [...]

The Top Five Most Energy Efficient States in America

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) releases an annual list of the top 25 energy efficient states in America. It may come as a surprise that a few of the largest cities are actually ranked in the top five slots. The ratings are based on the number of ENERGY STAR certified buildings in each city and [...]

The Power Behind Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a popular location for tourists to visit, especially those in the United States and Canada. During peak flows, over 750,000 gallons of water go over the falls every second, with 600,000 of those gallons flowing over the Canadian Horseshoe Falls alone. There is a lot of power behind all of that water, which is why [...]

Monitoring Your Electricity to Save Money

Who doesn’t like saving money? We all get the same feeling when our energy bills come in, particularly after a month of heavy electricity usage. But, it can be tough to know exactly how much energy you’re using before you get your bill. Your energy bill breaks down your total energy consumption, but not by [...]

Teaching Children About Electricity

Electricity is a major part of all of our lives. From turning on the lights at night to playing video games, electricity is a part of almost everything we do. As such, it is also important to learn all we can about electricity and how it helps appliances function. Teaching children about electricity may seem [...]

Look for These Energy Efficient Features When Buying a Home

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, you may very well be considering all that goes along with that including the condition of the house, the location, and the energy efficiency of the house. An energy efficient home will help save you money on your monthly energy bills and provide a more [...]

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