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How a Hotel Can Become Eco-Friendly

Hotel entranceIf you’re looking to go on vacation and want to make sure your temporary home is environmentally friendly, try Green Hotels. The Green Hotels Association has been listing hotels that are dedicated to providing guests with a comfortable stay and caring for their employees since 1993. These hotels implement energy management systems, fluorescent and LED lighting, and motion sensor light switches, as well as a myriad of other devices to help maximize energy efficiency.

One California general manager of a hotel received an award by saving two million gallons of water usage in a single year by firing a chef who ran the water in four or five sinks at a time every day. These hotel managers are dedicated to their green image and purpose. They install numerous water-saving systems including low-flow shower heads and toilets, 1.6 gallons per minute dishwashing valves, waterless urinals, and toilet tank fill diverters.

These hotels also take recycling and waste management very seriously. Some employ recycling programs, hiring staff members to sort through the waste bags and remove recyclable materials. A hotel in New Orleans began saving $1000 per month by removing hotel property from the waste bins. Another hotel in Chicago would save $3000 to $10,000 every month for the same reason. The Chicago hotel also reduced their waste by 80% by implementing this recycling program.

But, enough about the hotel management; hotels are really about the travelers who visit them. Green hotels do not use harmful chemicals in anything, keeping everything as natural as possible. This in turn leads to a happier, healthier staff serving happier and healthier patrons. Green Hotels provides a comprehensive 159 page guideline to any hotel that joins their ranks in order to ensure the hotels become as environmentally friendly as possible. Guidelines can be as small as sheet changing cards that encourage guests to use their bed linens more than once during their stay, to installing newer, more efficient HVAC systems.


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