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Monitoring Your Electricity to Save Money

Electric MeterWho doesn’t like saving money? We all get the same feeling when our energy bills come in, particularly after a month of heavy electricity usage. But, it can be tough to know exactly how much energy you’re using before you get your bill. Your energy bill breaks down your total energy consumption, but not by what devices. Some electricity providers can sell a smart meter to help track the usage, but not all of them carry one. The Energy Detective has a way you can install your own smart meter: TED5000.

The Energy Detector 5000 is a comprehensive software and hardware kit that ties into your electrical system to monitor your energy consumption. TED5000s are factory tested to be accurate to within 2% of your retail energy provider’s actual data. The kit can come with an option wireless display that will give you up to the second data on your usage. You can use this display to detect phantom loads – appliances that drain electricity even while they are in standby or off – and set up custom profiles for up to five different appliances. By using the handheld wireless receiver, you can check the consumption of every electric device in your home by unplugging it and seeing how much the consumption level changes on the readout.

The kit also comes with computer software giving you a highly detailed analysis of your energy use, and can even be printed out for your records. The TED5000 can also be set to send you text message alerts based on parameters you set, at no additional cost. All this data is password protected and encrypted to ensure only those with your authorization may access it.

The TED5000 is fairly inexpensive, starting at around $200, but within just a couple years, you can actually save that much by monitoring your electricity consumption and being smart about running your appliances. TED5000 gives you the ability to monitor your electricity usage right in the palm of your hand.


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