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What is a Cool Roof?

White Roof Santorini GreeceThey’ve been implemented across the globe for centuries in one form or another, like the white roofed buildings of Santorini, and they still hold usefulness today. Cool roofs are made with reflective paint, sheet, or tiles to reflect the rays of the sun and prevent the roof from absorbing much of the warmth.  In the heat of the summer sun, a typical roof can reach temperatures of about 150°F whereas a cool roof can be up to 50° cooler, which can actually extend the life of your roof. Because the temperature of the roof is reduced, the attic will tend to be cooler too, and less heat will seep into your home, keeping the air conditioning working at a higher efficiency. In rooms that are not air conditioned, the air will be naturally cooler and more comfortable.

Outside of making your home more comfortable and saving you money, a cool roof is also good for the environment. Ambient temperatures around your home will be lower, and due to reduced electricity consumption, emissions from power plants will be lower. There is also less strain on the electrical grid, which makes it less likely for a power outage during peak hours.

There are several ways to make a roof into a cool roof, but they vary by roof type. For example, a low-sloped roof can use single-ply membranes coated with reflective paint, built up roofs can have reflective marble chips in the asphalt mixture, or a cool roof coating can be added over the existing roof, and polyurethane foam roofs come pre-treated to be as reflective as possible. Steep-sloped roofs with shingles can be replaced with cool asphalt shingles and tile roofs can be custom colored and waterproofed with special coats. Metal roofs for either low or steep slopes can be painted or coated with reflective agents to make them cool roofs.

If your current roof is nearing the time to be replaced, consider installing a cool roof.  If you’re looking to simply upgrade your current roof, be sure to check the factors involve to ensure the energy savings will cover cost of a cool roof. You can coat your existing roof with reflective material, re-cover it with a new material like tile instead of shingles, or replace it entirely.


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