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We’ve Heard It All: A Smart Toilet

Satis Smart ToiletIt probably comes as no surprise to many that this hi-tech throne comes by way of Japanese manufacturer LIXIL. The sleek, low profile SATIS toilet is designed to function as your own personal washroom butt-ler, with its many SATISfying features. Things like an automatic seat, so you’ll never have to remember to put it down again, a powered deodorizer to get the fumes of taco night out of the air, an auto flush, cleansing nozzles for your undercarriage (including a massage setting), and even lighting and music. Yes, you can enjoy a relaxing sit-down with good ol’ John while listening to your favorite Beethoven symphony.

But before you head out and buy one of these toilets of the future, consider the possibility of them being hacked. The SATIS toilet is controlled via a smart phone app that is universal for all SATIS toilets, as in anyone with the app can control one. The app only communicates over Bluetooth, giving it a relatively small range, so it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be hacked over the internet. However, if any prankster friends know you have one, there’s no stopping them from downloading the free app and messing with your restroom experience.

If that’s not enough to steer you away from one of these lavish lavatories, the price point might be a little too high. While the app is free, the toilet costs between $4212 and $5686, depending on the model. If you’re not ready for the Japanese inspired future toilet, it would be perfectly understandable to stick with your old fashioned low-tech toilet.


Image courtesy of INAX USA and LIXIL Corporation

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