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Ten Life Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Life HacksThere are a lot of little hidden “secrets� to life that make things a little easier for us. We’ll give you our top 10 picks for simple life hacks to make every day a little less stressful.

  1. Paper cuts can be healed instantly by rubbing a little bit of chapstick over them.
  2. Going exactly the speed limit on a road with a lot of traffic lights will yield more green lights, typically.
  3. If a media disc is skipping, you can rub a banana over the burned side to fill in the scratches and repair it. Just remember to wipe the disc off with a microfiber cloth afterward.
  4. Have a fridge full of various ingredients, but don’t know what to make with them? List all the ingredients on to find a recipe with them.
  5. If you buy something on Amazon and the price drops within 30 days, you can email them and they will refund the difference.
  6. Hot date and a wrinkled shirt? Toss it in the dryer with a few ice cubes for 5 minutes to smooth it out.
  7. If you like the outdoors and get a lot of mosquito bites, press a hot spoon to the bite to stop the itching.
  8. If you’re a student and are studying for a test, chew a particular flavor gum while studying and chew the same flavor during a test. This will help your mind recollect the information better.
  9. Rub a walnut on wooden furniture to remove dings and scratches.
  10. Use toothpaste and a sponge to clear up hazy headlights on your car.

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