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Green Friday

Green FridaySales are upon us! Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, and it marks the first shopping day in the countdown to Christmas. People all over the country line up at stores early in the morning, some overnight, hoping to get the best deals. But one has to consider, what kind of effect does this have on our environment? Many people leave their homes early in the morning — some people leave Thanksgiving evening — to go to stores, where they line up outside the doors waiting for them to unlock so they can grab the best deals. With all the increased traffic going out at hours that normally don’t see much activity, we are spreading a lot more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Add on to that that many purchases are electronics, and you’re further heaping coals onto the fire, literally and figuratively. Many electricity companies burn coal to make the electricity that power these electronics.

So, what can be done about it? Instead of rushing out to the nearest big box store to purchase electricity draining electronics, we should visit craft fairs or an art community to purchase one of a kind, handmade — often from recycled material — crafts from local artists. Supporting local artists not only stimulates the local economy, but the gifts can be far more meaningful than an electronic gizmo. Many artists take recycled material, from cardboard and paper to glass and metal, and fashion unique crafts with them. These crafts are sustainable, in that most do not require any outside effort to enjoy them. They require no electricity and no maintenance.

But these crafts don’t have to only be art that is viewed. There are many crafts that not only look nice, but also serve a purpose. Consider the glass globes you fill with water and stick the stem into a potted plant: they look pretty, while keeping your plant watered. Before these were commercially available, some artists created them. The same is true of other local artists: they can make many practical things from reclaimed materials that are also beautiful to look at.

So, this Black Friday, make it a Green Friday. Support local businesses and invest in green products to enrich your life.


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