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Heating Mistakes

HeaterWinter weather forces people to break out the extra blankets and crank up the heat. However, there are five common mistakes that people make when it comes to keeping their home warm during the winter, and it’s costing them extra money every month.


Once the cold grips the area, one of the first things people do is raise the temperature on the thermostat. Often times, they will raise it to a level higher than they actually want the temperature to be set, thinking it will warm the house faster. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The temperature of the room will rise at a fairly steady rate, regardless of the temperature’s setting. The only thing a thermostat does is tell the heat when the temperature has reached the set level and to turn off. To help warm your house up so that it is ready for you when arrive home from work, invest in a programmable thermostat.

Air Leaks

Windows and door frames that have gaps in them can lead to a 30% loss of energy use in your home. These seemingly small holes suck the warm air right out and denser cold air rushes in to take its place. This causes heaters to run longer than needed, still leaving your home uncomfortably cool. Ensure that there are no gaps around doors and windows, and if there are any, use caulk to fix breaks or weather-stripping to seal the space between a window sash or door and its frame.


Closing vents to unused rooms may seem like the best option for saving yourself some money, but this can actually cause your heating system to be unbalanced, leading to extra maintenance and repairs. It’s actually best to keep all of the rooms’ temperature levels even. Closing off a room or two won’t actually save any money, because the furnace will be working overtime trying to warm them still.

Exhaust Fan

Running the exhaust fan in the bathroom is good, when you’re taking a shower. This pulls the moisture out of the room, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. But, don’t run it longer than necessary, as this fan can also pull the warm air out of your house.

Air Filter

People commonly neglect to change or clean their air filters, but this affects your furnace’s efficiency. A clogged filter reduces the air flow of the whole system, and it makes the furnace work harder to compensate. Filters typically should be cleaned or replaced every 4-6 weeks to keep the air flow efficient.


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