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From Camping to Glamping

Camping SignCamping is a popular pastime shared by thousands of people all over the world. Whether it’s taking your recreational vehicle out to a campground, or setting up a small tent underneath the stars, campers all know the joy of being outdoors and away from their busy lives. There are many campers that aren’t quite up for the challenge of “roughing it�, but still appreciate the outdoors. These campers would be prime candidates for glamping.

Glamping, or glamorous camping, takes the comforts of a hotel and places them right in the middle of a serene outdoor environment. Most glampsites are centered on the amenities of a bed and hot water, but their structure can vary in their design. Some look like a small one-room house, but others, like South Korea based glamping tent manufacturer ArchiWorkshop, took a slightly different approach.

ArchiWorkshop’s glamping tents come in two designs: a donut shaped pod with a front “porch� and two doors leading to separate bedrooms, and the other is a flexible worm-like design. The worm-like glamping tent can conform to nearly any terrain, and both tents feature folding furniture, making space needs easy to manage. Both tents also feature a dual layer fabric that is waterproof, UV proof, and fire resistant. They also feature custom artwork by a local artist in South Korea.

Of course, South Korea isn’t the only country featuring glamping. The United States has plenty to offer, with glampsite rentals ranging anywhere from $50 per night to $2500 per night. David Troya of Glamping Hub recommends checking the amenity list of potential glampsites to ensure they take care of your needs, like hot water and air conditioning and heat. Most sites don’t require you to bring any equipment, so there likely won’t be much hiking to get to the sweet spot.

There are glampsites all over the world, and resource sites like will help you find one that’s right for you. Once you experience the joys of glamping, there’s no guarantee that you won’t be scouring the world for new places to camp in style.

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