Glacial Energy Blog

About Glacial Energy

Glacial Energy, directed by CEO Gary Mole, is one of the fastest growing retail energy marketers in the United States, currently selling power and serving commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in 16 deregulated markets. The markets that Glacial Energy is licensed to do business in are New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maine, New Hampshire, District of Columbia, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Texas and California. Additionally, Glacial Energy will be selling gas in the near future!

Glacial Energy offers:

  • Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Experience
    Glacial Energy has a streamlined business model with an advanced back office infrastructure that enables us to address the unique needs of our commercial and industrial customer base. These critical points, combined with the vast experience of our management team, contribute to a service offering that satisfies specific customer needs without sacrificing efficiency.
  • Contract Flexibility
    Glacial Energy offers both short and long term contracts which provide our customers with maximum flexibility in changing energy markets.
  • Summarized Billing
    Glacial Energy has the ability to consolidate unlimited account numbers on a single statement, provide billing summaries to multiple parties in an organization or develop custom billing solutions to suit your needs.

Glacial Energy’s competitive advantages are:

  • Generator Neutral
    A generator neutral service company, Glacial Energy buys its energy from providers that offer the best pricing, terms and conditions. These benefits are then passed along to our customers.
  • Very Low Overhead
    Glacial Energy is committed to a business model that has very low overhead. This further contributes to consistently low pricing which ultimately benefits our customers.
  • Focused on Energy
    Because Glacial Energy focuses solely on energy service for commercial enterprises, we are able to devote our full attention to our energy customers without the distraction of selling other products or services.